Technical Skills:

Operating Systems Windows 7, Windows 8 & Linux-UBUNTU-12.04, Windows Server 2008, 2012.
Languages C, C++, Java, Python, C#
Frame Works Drupal, Laravel, Django, ASP.Net
Web Technologies JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS & Bootstrap.
Databases MYSQL, MongoDB, Google App Engine.
IDEs Eclipse, Net beans, IDLE(Python), Visual Studio 2013 pro
Software Testing Selenium and Mocha.
Tools & Repositories Selenium, GIT, Bit bucket.

Web Developer:

  • Front End and Backend code developer.
  • Involved in Developing and Bug Fixing.
  • Complete knowledge on all the applications.
  • Direct Client Interaction and Requirement analysis.
  • Requirements analysis and identification / review of code.
  • Test Execution of all the Test cases through various Test phases.
  • Defect management life-cycle.
  • Experience in creating test plans & test design.

Participating actively in team meetings (Daily & Weekly).